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A Time to LoveI recently realized I have reached the stage in my career where I am often asked to reflect back on specific periods of productivity. Are these my prime days as an editor or writer? I don’t know.What I do know is that I don’t mind tripping down memory lane now and then, especially when it regards successful projects. I’ve certainly been mining a lot of memories about the Suicide Squad given the collected editions and excitement over the 2016 movie.As a novelist, though, I haven’t had too many chances to talk about some of the stronger projects. A year or so back, though, I did participate in a lengthy interview about the A Time To… series of nine Star Trek novels for the Unreality SF website. Jens Dennfer corralled most of the authors involved to look back at the decade-old event series.A Time to HateFinally, the story began running this past week in three parts here, here, and here. Depending upon which reader or website you check out, I note that most dismiss the first two duologies and are split over whether or not mine should be as well but there is universal acclaim for the final three novels, two from David Mack and the finale from Keith DeCandido. Me, I take a lot of pride in my two works, A Time Love and A Time to Hate but I also recognize some weaknesses that could have been tightened up during the editing process but unfortunately, Ordover left Pocket at that time and the successors were so busy playing catch up, we didn’t have the opportunity to make the duology stronger.Looking back on this series has been interesting since it really was the starting point for a lot of the novel continuity that has propelled the Pocket Book line of novels. Under Editor John Ordover, the Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, and Voyager novels began to grow more cohesive, allowing addition prose series, such as the Titan, S.C.E. (Starfleet Corps of Engineers) and even the New Frontier projects enrich the universe no longer being explored by the filmed franchises. Indeed, the film series seemed over and no one could imagine a few years later the Gene Roddenberry dream would be reimagined – for better or worse, you decide – by J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot.Anyway, the interviews make for good reading and if you liked the series at all, it’s worth a look. 

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  1. Coincidentally I just read both of these books just about a week ago and loved them. Great character moments and we finally get to find out what happened to Riker’s father. I started reading this series back when it was published in 2004, however being laid off at the time, I had to scramble very quickly to get another job, and lost track of the novels.However, the c characters were on target and all read like they came from a movie or TV episode. So I have to say that you have a firm grasp of the Next Gen universe and all it’s nuances. I hope you get a chance to write for the novel series again because I really enjoyed these two books in the A Time To…series very much.

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