The Side of Good/ The Side of Evil is now Available for Pre-Order

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Flipbook coverMy buddy Danielle Ackley-McPhail is launching her digital imprint, eSpec Books, with a fun concept: a flip book focusing on original super-hero stories. One side would focus on the good guys, the other spotlight the evil ones. The Side of Good/ The Side of Evil was launched via Kickstarter and I was thrilled to be invited aboard.The campaign did well enough that not only is the book a reality and the writers are getting paid, but it will feature illustrations by Jason Whitely. And my character gets his own insignia. How cool is that?My story is in the Good side along with my fellow Crazy 8 contributor Kathleen David. On the other side, as seems right, are C8 members Peter David and Aaron Rosenberg.I’m really rather pleased with how my story turned out. I had not had a chance to look at it since delivering the final revisions some months ago so read it with fresh eyes when the galleys arrived. I was pretty pleased with it overall and liked a lot of my dialogue.You can judge for yourself. For those who did not join the campaign but still want to read it, the books are no available for pre-order at Amazon. Given the technical details, they can’t be a single flip book so are being sold as two separate and distinct entities The Side of Good and The Side of Evil. A flipbook print version link should be going live shortly.For those who did not see the explanation on Facebook, because it is not possible to do a flipbook electronically we did both Sides as individual ebooks in order to feature both fantastic covers. Please be sure to download a copy of each side in the format applicable to you.sGsE-Bob-01Here’s the complete contents:The Side of GoodGail Z. Martin & Larry Martin – “Ghost Wolf”Bryan J. L. Glass – “Don’t You Know Who I Am?”Robert Greenberger – “Making a Difference”James Chambers – “Eight Million Strong”John L. French – “Fiery Justice”Walt Ciechanowski – “Third Time’s a Charm”Kathleen David – “The Hand Job”  The Side of EvilJames M. Ward – “Doth Protest Too Much”Peter David – “The Fan Job”James Chambers – “The Last Great Monologue of Evil Intent”Aaron Rosenberg – “The Schtick”Keith R. A. DeCandido – “Bring in the Clones”Janine K. Spendlove – “Birth of Anarchy”Drew Bittner – “Henchmonsters I do hope you pick this one up and especially let me know what you think of the story.

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