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Farpoint-logoThanks to the blizzard and the rapid advance of time, suddenly it is time for Farpoint. Once the little sibling to Shore Leave, the show has forged its own identity over the last few years. Small in size but packed with talent, the con is a relaxing and fun way to spend a weekend.My schedule for this year looks like this:Bob Greenberger            Saturday              10:00 AMThe usual assortment of movie trailers (as curated by the estimable Glenn Hauman), book news, chit chat and the like.Writing Workshop           Saturday              NOONA two-hour skills and concepts venue that always provides something new for budding writers. Howard Weinstein wrangles the usual gang of idiots: Dave Galanter, Bob Jones, Kelly Meding and me.Bat TitlesHoly Golden Anniversary, Batman!          Saturday              3:00 PMIt was 50 years ago when we all gathered before our televisions to see a full-color Batman series. It deeply impacted many of us and was a hallmark of the pop art era. Lance Woods has assembled a colorful rogues gallery including Richard White and Keith R.A. DeCandido to chat about the show.c8bobCrazy 8 Press      Saturday              4:00 PMPeter David, Mike Friedman, Glen Hauman, Aaron Rosenberg, and I will be on hand to talk about our most recent releases and our coming publishing plans for 2016. I hope to see everyone there.The Bob & Howie Show Sunday 11:00 AMNow in its fourth decade, Howard Weinstein and I find all manner of topics to discuss or berate one another about. Always entertaining, trust me.Sci-Fi Fights!       Sunday 1:00 PMThis one’s new. Keith R.A. DeCandido, Steve Wilson, and I will compete to see who has the most to say about today’s SF pop culture. Part panel, part competition, the real challenge will be to see who gets Keith to stop talking long enough for someone else to answer a question.

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