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Keith DeCandido and I admire and adore our pal Kelly Meding, who seems bemused at the attention.I blink and days go by. I blink twice and its weeks.The usual excuses come into play. As January wrapped up, my new semester of grad school kicked off and I was plunged into lengthy readings plus poetry annotations and, gad, writing my own poetry to share with the class. We’re already four weeks in and so far so good, even though I still have no real feel for poetry or desire to read it for pleasure.The odd thing is that I think I teach it in Creative Writing fairly well.Speaking of school, any chance for hitting a rhythm keeps getting derailed by weather. We lost six days to the blizzard as Fulton and the surrounding area saw about 2 feet (we officially got 27.5 inches). Then this past week we had another day lost to snow and treacherous ice. As it is, we’re technically about halfway through the third quarter but we’re all scrambling to readjust lessons to make things work for the students.I did have my third formal observation recently, and that went very well. One more to go before I learn my fate. My three year contract is up in June and my principal has to decide if she’s seen enough growth to retain me or not. No pressure.For unit three, the three 11th grade teachers have divided it up, working up lessons for the grade and just today I have completed my six.Beyond that, the Farpoint convention was just a tremendous amount of fun. I had some fun panels and caught up with friends. I even reconnected with David Gerrold, who I haven’t really spoken with in about a decade. He wound up an unexpected houseguest, along with Glenn Hauman, on Monday where we rode out the storm with chili and conversation.On the writing front, I fortunately knocked out the Planet of the Apes short story before grad school started and already took care of my editors’ notes. Now I just await word from Titan Books. I also have an outline done for the next Crazy 8 Press anthology, Altered States of the Union, more on that anon.So, it’s been crazy, busy but generally well. I will endeavor to post with greater regularity (he says with all sincerity).

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