Three Years in Maryland

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2013-02-27 14.09.43Today marks the third anniversary of closing on the townhouse in Maryland, making us officially members of the Old Line State.We have certainly settled into the house and it feels like home, taking what we bought and making it our own. We like where we live, convenient to routes 29 and 32, 10 minutes or from I-95 and mostly equidistant to Washington, D.C. and Baltimore.Deb and I have gotten to know our way around the still-evolving community thanks largely to the four walks a day we take with Ginger. She has gotten to make friends with many of the nearby pets, which helps a lot and gives us a chance to meet more of our neighbors.On our block, we have gotten friendly with several of families on our block so much so that during the snows, we take turns shoveling out the front walks for all three of the houses in a row. When we had the blizzard and the county had yet to dig out the alley, we all pitched in and did it ourselves which felt great.I still lament the lack of retail density but things are filling in which helps.  We have found acceptable pizza and bagels and several excellent barbecue joints plus many other fine restaurants with excellent cuisines so that is a plus.And we’re making friends. Deb has provided us a core social circle through her knitting group which has led to many a shared meal. Our convention friends have also provided us with opportunities and every now and then I get to pal around with my faculty peers away from school. Oddly, we haven’t made any good friends within our community but maybe it’s just a matter of time and opportunity.What we have done, though, is take in a tremendous amount of theater. Thanks to the nearby Olney Theater, the Strathmore, and Meyerhof Symphony Space we have enjoyed musicals, musical performances, and plays. All are reasonably close by with good ticket prices so we’re feeling far more cultured.With Kate and Deb’s mom nearby we have family, providing enough of a magnetic pull to see others, which is nice.Do I prefer Maryland to Connecticut or even Long Island? Not yet. Is it good for this stage of our lives? Yes. We’re happy and content here and that counts for a lot.

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