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2007 Bob & Robbie at SheaRecently, my brother asked me what I thought Robbie would be doing these days.I would like to think that had he survived, he would have followed through on his plans to complete college and train to become a residential life specialist at a hospital.He had hoped to transfer to Hood College so our plans of eventually relocating to Maryland would still have happened.On this, his 28th birthday, I am given to pause and reflect on all the things that might have been. I measure those dreams against the many wonderful accomplishments of his friends, many of whom are now successful adults, forging lives for themselves.I like to think that he would approve of the many decisions his closest friends have made and no doubt they, too, wonder what he would have thought. I remain touched at those who continue to post on his Facebook wall or those who have left evidence of visiting his grave.Deb and I continue to grieve and heal. The void he has left will never close up and the what might have beens will continue to alternately comfort and haunt us.I would very much like to have known him as an adult.


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  1. No matter what he might have done with his life, he would have made you proud, Bob. I’m sure he made you proud in the time he did spend with us. We miss him too.Bob and Julie

  2. Not having a child I cannot imagine the pain and grief you are enduring. As to all the what ifs… Sometimes I wonder what my life would’ve been like if my father hadn’t died in 1986 and my mother in 1992. Then I remember 9/11 and the Towers coming down. The foundations of which he built and then I imagine the heartbreak he would’ve felt since they were the structures that he was most proud of. We always imagine the good, happy things when we say ‘what if’, but rarely imagine the tragedies of what if. I am forced to believe that what happens has happened, and that to wonder what if is futile.

  3. Happy Burthday in Heaven Robbie. I think your Dad’s thoughts are right on point. You would have done all those things. We all miss you and miss Deb and Bob too. God Bless you always. Love you, Angie.

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