The Suicide Squad Media Roundup

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319px-Suicide_Squad_Vol_1_1This has been a nostalgic summer on a number of levels, starting with all the attention paid to the Suicide Squad. The comic has endured and been a highlight in many people’s memories. John Ostrander, Luke McDonnell, Karl Kesel, and I have previously talked about our work way back in Back Issue! #26.On his Facebook page, Karl has been posting all sorts of artifacts and recollections, which has been a delight to read.The fine folk over at Newsarama did a marvelous job talking to me, John, Karl, and more contemporary custodians of the team for an oral history that ran in two parts here and here.Abraham Reisman over at New York magazine’s Vulture also did a wonderful look back at the origins of the team and Amanda Waller in particular.314px-Suicide_Squad_Vol_1_14NPR Arts reporter Neda Ulaby also interviewed John, Heidi McDonald, and myself about the book’s origins, with her focus on the contributions of John’s wife and eventual co-writer on the series, Kim Yale. In a nice touch, with no recordings of Kim to use, some of her columns, recounting her fatal battle with breast cancer, were narrated by comics doyen and old friend Maggie Thompson. While time prevented my comments from making the air version, they can be found in the accompanying text.With the film now open for all, I’ll be very curious to see what the audiences think compared with the critics who have been overly harsh.This same week, Todd Klein has been running a six-part look back at the DC Comics Offices when they occupied 666 Fifth Avenue. His authoritative and exhaustive look office by office is resurrecting memories and got me to thinking about coworkers I haven’t thought about in many a year. If you’re at all curious, I strongly recommend you give it a look.

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  1. Thanks for the roundup, Bob. Nothing matters more to old school Squad fans such as myself than to hear you guys reminisce about creating one of the greatest comic series of the post-Crisis, late 80s DCU. I was one of those readers that still treasures the letter pages Dan Raspler and yourself put together as much as the actual stories and artwork, not to mention those unforgettable covers!

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