The Star Trek Stamps are Released Today

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Star Trek stampsToday at noon, the United States Postal Service is hosting at event at Mission New York, the 50th anniversary Star Trek convention. They will be unveiling the four commemorative stamps celebrating Gene Roddenberry’s creation.I was contacted a year ago to consult on these stamps, mostly the written material although I did offer my thoughts on the artwork. While I wish they had used photography, the iconic images remain recognizable.Last week I was invited by the USPS to attend the event as their guest but I was already committed to the Baltimore Comic-Con so had to decline. The invitation makes a nifty souvenir, though, and I look forward to getting my proof sets for the archive.The Enterprise was featured on a stamp from the Celebrate the Century program, one of the 14 or so to acknowledge the 1960s.Meantime, around the world, other countries have their own stamps to commemorate the show and those use a variety of images such as Australia’s’ featuring the TV crew and starship. Canada, of course, has their own set since William Shatner and Jimmy Doohan are Canadians. Their set goes further, including Commander Kor and a Klingon battle cruiser. These were released in May as were sets from St. Kitts of all places.The Star Trek Collective has a nice survey of all the various Star Trek-related stamps from around the world this year, only a few officially celebrating the golden anniversary.I look forward to using these for quite some time, eventually adding in next month’s Wonder Woman anniversary stamps for variety.

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