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POTA Forbidden ZoneI was so preoccupied with the action at Baltimore Comic-Con, I didn’t have a chance to proper promote my forthcoming contribution to Titan Books’ Planet of the Apes prose anthology. I knew there was a title and cover being approved, but Titan announced it via 13th Dimension before editors Rich Handley and Jim Beard could notify the talent.I think the title and cover are lovely. The book has a January 24 release date and you may already preorder it via Amazon.The all-new stories are scattered among the original film series and CBS television series. Dayton Ward and I, I believe, are the only ones to tackle the latter. Here is the complete table of contents and you will see what fun company I am in.“Introduction” by Rich Handley“Unfired” by Dan Abnett“More Than Human, Less Than Ape” by Nancy Collins“Blood Brothers” by Will Murray“The Pacing Place” by Bob Mayer“Murderers’ Row” by John Jackson Miller“Endangered Species” by Greg Cox“Dangerous Imaginings” by Paul Kupperberg“Of Monsters and Men” by Kevin J. Anderson and Sam Knight“The Unknown Ape” by Andrew E.C. Gaska“Silenced” by Jim Beard“Who Is This Man? What Sort of Devil Is He?” by Robert Greenberger“Stone Monkey” by Greg Keyes“Milo’s Tale” by Ty Templeton“Message in a Bottle” by Dayton Ward“The King Is Dead—Long Live the King” by Rich Handley“Banana Republic” by Jonathan Maberry“A Question of Simian Survival—An Afterword” by Jim Beard

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