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thumbs-up-1006176_960_720So, the Sherlock Holmes book has been on sale for four days and we already have two sterling reviews over at Amazon and GoodReads.Check these out:Lyn writes, “I love Sherlock Holmes stories and Mr. Greenberger and Mr. Savile have truly captured the wit and meticulous wisdom of Holmes and Watson.“They kept me reading far into the night following the tale of the lost son of Mrs Wynter. Danger and mystery follow our sleuths and lead them to very unexpected conclusions.SH_Murder at Sorrows Crown_cvr“This is a brilliant book and well worth settling down for a great read.”MWG read it the Kindle and said, “I am always very critical of stories of Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson they stray too far off the canon or they are downright stupid, this one I found to be well written both of the characters were treat equally well Watson was not treated as a fool and Holmes did not display his know it all attitude as some stories tend to do so I would encourage you to read this one and avoid some of the crap that somebody just wants to make a buck.”If you choose to read this novel, Steve Savile and I hope you will post a review at either Amazon or GoodReads. Many thanks.

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