Standing with Trek Against Trump Against the Haters

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trek-against-trumpAway from social media, I am a political guy. Regular readers may recall all the work I did as an elected official in Fairfield. Not so much (yet) in Maryland but that doesn’t mean I don’t have political opinions. I normally keep them to myself on social media, with rare exceptions.Last week was one of those time when I was asked to lend my name to a new event, Trek Against Trump. It was explained to me by Glenn Hauman that this was a chance for people of similar minds to stand strong against what we see as a clear and present danger to the United States.Or, as David Gerrold put it, “From the beginning, Star Trek was a series of little morality plays. From the beginning, Star Trek was an examination of the human condition. From the beginning, Star Trek was a vision of a future that works for all of us, with no one and nothing left out. For some people, Star Trek was just another job. Okay, fine. Collect the check and go home. But for many of us, maybe even most of us – Star Trek was something special, something apart from every other job in the world. It was a vision of possibility. It was an assertion that the way things are is not the way they have to be. It was a bold assertion of hope in a decade that had fallen into despair.”I was honored to be asked and happy to sign on along with 140+ people who have had a significant connection to the series. I was floored to see how the campaign got covered by the mainstream and fringe media alike. This was a big deal, since no other television or film franchise has stood tall together on this election. Star Trek has always been a cultural phenomenon that blazes trails and does what none dare try.eroic-stillwell-trek-against-trumpMany people, my pal Peter David included, have written their own explanations for signing up and this is my say.What astonished me, though, were the vitriolic responses from people who, on the one hand, say they are Star Trek fans then go on to demonstrate a complete misreading of what the series was all about. One of the earlier was this piece, My Break Up Letter to Star Trek.Others took to our various Facebook pages to use the kind of ill-conceived, hate-filled commentary that demonstrates a lack of respect for other ideas, and a use of language in place of reason.I’ll never tell you how to vote but will tell you why I support a cause or a candidate. I have yet to have anyone support Donald Trump lay out for me a well-reasons argument as to why he is the superior candidate. Usually people ignore one trait or legal action or tweet to profess their adoration for him but you can’t ignore the mountain of evidence demonstrating, to me at least, he is not prepared for the Oval Office.Star Trek is about tolerance, love, and respect for other races, cultures, and ideas. The notion that you can love Gene Roddenberry’s utopian notion and still support racist ideas is beyond my understanding.The message of Trek Against Trump is not endorsed by, sponsored by, or affiliated with Star Trek, CBS Television Entertainment, Inc. or Paramount Pictures Corp. The opinions expressed on that page are those of its signatories alone.And while no other franchise has gathered with such a wide-reaching effort, Star Trek does not stand alone. If you haven’t seen Joss Whedon’s contribution to the election debate, check this out.[youtube]

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  1. YES! It always baffles me when people say STAR TREK isn’t political. It always has been. It’s always commented on the social and political issues of the real world (hello!! “A Private Little War”; “The Doomsday Machine”; “Let That Be Your Last Battlefield”; “The Drumhead”; “The Outcast”; “Death Wish”; “The Voyage Home”; and on and on and on). Trek was “PC” before that was even a thing – come on, the 60’s movements (the protesters, peace marchers and the hippies of the time) all rallied behind TOS – MLK was even a fan! “Trek Against Trump” IS a stand against anti-diversity and it really is just as simple as that.

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