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pardon-our-dustIt has taken far longer than I had hoped, but a number of under-the-hood modifications have been made to the website.Things I do want to call to your attention is an improved Events pages so you can keep tabs on the big doings at a glance.I also totally revamped the Bibliography, adding covers and details to everything I have written or contributed to. In assembling this, I surprised myself at the breadth and depth of material I have written over the last three and a half decades. It’s alphabetical since that was the simplest although I did gather my handful of comic book stories at the end.When I have a moment, I want to add a page for my editorial work, to present a far more complete picture of my contributions to the pop culture world. If I get ambitious, I will try and nail down every article and review I’ve written, too.Look atop the page and you will see the much-asked-for Email Bob link so you have a guaranteed way of reaching me.newsletterWith webmaster Kate Cooke’s assistance, we’ve cleaned up the home page, too. On the right, I call attention to my Twitter feed. If you don’t follow me, there consider joining in. And something new is the Newsletter sign up. These days, apparently, you’re no one if you don’t have a website, a social media presence, and now a newsletter. I have no idea how often I intend on issuing these but I see it as a chance for those interested in keeping up with my published work. It will be a professional newsletter so personal matters and opinions are not likely to find their way they.Consider signing up and the inaugural newsletter will be out in a few weeks.My hope is to increase my presence across the spectrum now that I seem to be back to fulltime writing for the nonce. As a result, I hope to be on the road a bit more so if any convention is interested in having me, let me know. I work cheap but not free.Thanks for your kind attention.

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