A Look at Wealthy Comic Characters

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This was sent to me by Sarah at Personal Income, a financial management company that at least tries to talk in language most people understand. I thought it was fun and was willing to share it with the understanding that I do not endorse their services or have been paid to run this.  Anyone would certainly have an answer to who their favorite superheroes or villains are, and most likely they would want to acquire certain superpowers of their idols as well. But what if you discover how rich some of them are? Then you will be thrilled to also be not just as popular but as extravagant as them as well.It will thrill you to discover superheroes and some villains who have rich bank accounts in their financial history. The list includes Magneto, Professor X, Batman, Lex Luthor, and even Iron Man among others. Their estimated worth range from as little as $500 million to at most $90.7 trillion.It makes sense how superheroes should also be rich in money not just in skills and abilities since they also need to invest on their various adventures to defeat evil. Or with the case of the villains, it can be super luxurious to fund their strategies and plans to defeat the protagonist. Not to mention that they need to get some money to come up with their fashionable costumes, high tech vehicles and other modern equipment.Hence, there are tons of ways to be able to recognize their worth as superheroes. You can measure them by the good acts they do or the number of crimes they have fought. By now, it should come as no surprise at all, that you can also measure it literally by the money they have in their banks.Discover the most affluent of them all in this infographic that features superheroes and other iconic antagonists whether they are from Marvel or DC. Richie Rich is another realm entirely.

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