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I like to be busy. There are some stretches where time hangs heavy without an active project, and I find that I procrastinate rather than really use the time for personal projects. That’s certainly one of the reasons I resolved to write a short story a month, something to keep me focused.Then there are days where multiple projects demand attention and sometimes it feels like I’m on a treadmill then there’s this week where I am finally feeling like progress is being made. Here’s where things currently stand:Crazy 8 2017 Anthology: My story is done, revised, and accepted by Editor Russ Colchamiro. Look for this in July.Sidekicks & Minions: My entry in the latest from eSpec Books is with a Beta reader who swears he’ll get to it soon.Veil Knights: My entry in this urban fantasy series is with a different Beta reader who likes what he’s read so far. Look for this in the first half of the year (we’re not telling you which of us wrote which boo, we’re turning it into a contest).Examining Planet of the Apes Mythos: The book, with my essay on Pierre Boulle, is finally coming out early this year, although there is no date from Sequart.Media Tie-In Project 1: Twice now outlines have been rejected as too political. Today I sent off a third attempt to the editor.Media Tie-in Project 2: Pitch is with the licensee for approval.Passion Project: I’ve been poking at this for over a year now but over the last few months it has bubbled up as the book I most want to write next. It’s nonfiction and after some inquires, I realized I needed an agent to find it a good home. So, for the first time in my life, I have signed with an agent, Andrew Zack. He likes my chapter outline and I am spending the next few weeks on writing sample chapters. If sold, I have tons of interviewing to do and more in-depth research to complete. But I am excited.ReDeus novel: I have an outline that needs revising and then I can get rolling should the above be stalled.Short stories: I completed my February story, which I discussed here. It’s marinating before I go back and revise.Back Issue: I continue to write the occasional article, having just delivered two – DC Challenge and a centennial Michael Eury interview – and am at work on a new piece.Consulting: DC Comics has me looking over the part works graphic novels being produced by Eaglemoss and their international licenses. I check credits and the intro material to make certain the right facts or history is being presented.Freelance Project Managing: Right now, I am working for people on two different things, both of which are poking along and I await active development on both to kick in later this year. There’s a third project where I am likely to do some writing and managing but after a call yesterday, that’s been somewhat backburnered and being retooled.Freelance Editing: I have been hired to help someone with her science fiction series. We’re just about done with volume one and I’ve been told to expect volume two sometime this month.It seems like a lot, but in reality it’s a little bit here and a little bit there, none of it is making me rich but taken together, I am building up some revenue streams while still substitute teaching and hoping to find a classroom assignment for the fall.  

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