I’ll be at Great Philadelphia Comic-Con This Weekend

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I’ve heard good things about the Great Philadelphia Comic-Con so when my pal Phil Guinta arranged for Crazy 8 Press to be invited as guests this year, I jumped at the chance.As it turns out, I will be joined this weekend by Peter David, Aaron, Rosenberg, and Russ Colchamiro instead of the full seven-member team. Phil and frequent contributor Steven H. Wilson will also be on hand so there should be much merriment between the various tables. Look for us in Artists Alley, tables AVB & AVB 3.Crazy 8 Press has a panel on Saturday at 1 where we’ll bring people up to speed on this year’s releases and our spur-of-the-moment anthology, Let’s Kill Glenn!, as more than a dozen writers find inventive ways of killing co-founder Glenn Hauman.I look forward to spending time with old colleagues such as Graham Nolan, whom I have not seem in ages. And, of course, I anticipate meeting and greeting any fans who stroll by our tables.

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