I’m Writing a Captain America Novel

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Once I met the Marvel Super-Heroes as a series of animated adventures playing weeknights at 7 p.m. on channel 9, I quickly fell in love with them. Ever since, I have always had a soft spot in my heart for Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor, sticking with them through great stories and downright lousy ones.Nearly a decade ago, I had the privilege of writing an original Iron Man story, Femme Fatales (still in print!), and the news recently broke about y latest foray into the Marvel Universe. To my surprise, on the day I began writing Captain America: The Never-Ending Battle, Amazon listed it for pre-order. The book is due June 15 and scheduled to see print November 7 so we’re on a bit of a rush schedule.I’m writing the novel for Canadian-based Joe Books, which has a license for Marvel novels and several pals including Jim Beard, David McDonald, and Keith DeCandido have already written for them. Initially, I was in touch with their first editor, my old friend Rob Simpson, and through a series of unfortunate circumstances, a variety of pitches came and went along with a stream of editors. Finally, the stars aligned and I got my chance.Captain America is not just a hero but he’s also the American ideal made manifest. My story takes him to Eastern Europe where that symbolism comes into play. He’ll be visiting several of Marvel’s unique countries while dealing with several opponents, most of whom he has never previously battled.  To me, one of the delights in writing a novel in someone else’s universe is having a chance to explore nooks and crannies others may have overlooked. It’s also about ideas since a pure action adventure novel would bore me to write and for you to read.The outlining and approvals took some time, but the timing worked out since that mostly occurred during my long-term sub gig and I cleared two weeks after that to dig deep into the book. I’m having fun so far and will be keeping you updated.

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