Trying to Keep my Resolution

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So far, keeping this year’s New Year’s Resolution has proven challenging. I had decided that in addition to whatever other writing assignment I had, I would also carve time out for at least one short story, figuring that 12 new stories by year’s end would be lovely.It hasn’t quite been working out that way.In January, I wrote two stories for pay and in March I was a long-term sub which was effectively a fulltime job shoving the paid writing (including a rush short story for a book) to the remaining spare time.In February, I wrote one story. And in April I wrote two-thirds of a story but allowed other things to get in the way.We’re halfway through May and I have yet to finish that story or start this month’s.Which means in the first third of the year, I managed 1.6 out of 4 short stories. To me, this is a failure and disappointment. However, as I look ahead, I see lots of opportunities to get back on track. My sub work is winding down in line with the closing of the school year. That will give me lots of time to write, both the assigned work but the “me” work.I’ll be very curious to see where I am when I reach the two-thirds mark.

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