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Out today is the seventh volume in the Veil Knights saga, White Mountain Rising. As you know, Rowan Casey is pseudonym used by the dozen writers behind the series and we have been working in a very collaborative manner.Working with the team has been an education as they parse and analyze marketing ideas and sales data with tremendous knowledge and experience. We have bene slowly worldbuilding along the way and it’s interesting to see how my experience in comics and other shared universes has put me at an advantage, allowing me to contribute in substantive ways.We’re halfway through the first cycle of stories and after The Circle Gathers, our initial offering, these can be read in pretty much any order you want since they are not dependent on one another. In this book, for example, we’re focusing on two Brooklyn teens who learn they are Knights of the Round Table reincarnated. The problem is, these urban kids don’t really know the Arthurian legends so first have to accept what they are, that magic is real, and the world is in danger. Then they need to learn who they are and how to harness their special gifts, all while seeking an artifact that is pursued by others. It’s a very different take than what has come before.Here’s the official description:On the run and hunting for trouble…Hannah Price and Daniel Montgomery, two teens living in a Brooklyn group home, just learned they were actually reincarnated Knights of the Round Table, tasked by illusionist Dante Grimm to locate the fabled Horn of Brân Galed, one of twelve mystic artifacts that, together, can save the world.Accepting the challenge, Hannah’s reckless bravery and Daniel’s “sight” guide them across Brooklyn, from jazz clubs to underground subway communities, always looking over their shoulder and worrying who might be after them next.Overshadowing them is the Moderator, leader of the White Mountain Worshippers, a new organization that preaches borderless unity. He, too, wants the Horn. His connection to the knights and Grimm threatens to upend their quest.With the odds stacked against them, Hannah and Daniel have only their newfound friendship to trust. But, will that be enough to let them find the Horn before the forces against them triumph? And what happens should they fail?Arthurian myth meets urban fantasy in this new series from Rowan Casey! 

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