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Once the chapter by chapter outline for Captain America; The Never-Ending Battle was approved by both Marvel Comics and Joe Books, I set myself a schedule to ensure that I could have the book done in time for at least one beta reader and still meet the June 15 deadline.I allocated 20 writing days for this 60,000 word book since I average 3000 words or better a day. Fortified with a ton of Marvel-related websites, Matt Forbeck’s Captain America: The Ultimate Guide to the First Avenger, and Marvel’s two-issue Marvel Atlas, I was ready to dig in.I hit the halfway mark when I realized there was a massive logic disconnect in the plot that escaped everyone’s notice. I actually put the book aside for a few days to think about it then redraft the outline for the back half. Once that was addressed and I felt better about the book, I resumed the writing.As it turned out, I needed just fifteen actual writing days for the first draft, averaging 3877.5 words a day for a 58,163 word book. Interestingly, some days were interrupted with diving in and doing some deeper research on places and time periods. That’s fun but also dangerous because you can go down the rabbit hole as fascinating things prove distracting.Along the way, I received word from three colleagues that they’d be delighted to read the draft for feedback and so it went out.Last week, one got back to me with very detailed and helpful notes. Based on his feedback alone, the book swelled to 58,873 words, filling in some gaps, explaining a few things, and also tightening up some of the detail. Interestingly, he called me pronoun issues I missed when rereading the first draft. Thankfully, the majority of his tweaks were pronouns and some punctuation.This week, the other two chimed in, one with some general comments, the other with more detailed suggestions and questions. Based on all the feedback, the third draft was completed and submitted to the publisher a week ahead of deadline. This book is all the stronger thanks to their efforts and friendship.Editing begins and we’ve agreed any changes or alterations won’t be needed until after Shore Leave. That gives them plenty of time and gives me some distance so I can look at it then with fresh eyes.We’re on schedule for a November 7 release and I look forward to seeing what they do with the cover and marketing.As for me, next up is a short story then work on the first full-length ReDeus novel.

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