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Things may seem quiet on the Veil Knights front, but as it turns out, we’ve been quietly biding out time.When the dozen of us comprising Rowan Casey planned our launch, there were compelling reasons to go exclusive with Amazon’s Kindle publishing program. By going that route, we had a really strong sense of how we were doing day to day along with making our releases a part of the Kindle Unlimited program. Let me tell you, those incremental per page payments added up month after month.However, we also recognized that not everyone likes eBooks. The flattening sales trajectory of digital versus print publishing bears that out. So, in the spring, we began making paperback editions available, also exclusive to Amazon.We also knew there were people who didn’t like Kindle or Amazon and couldn’t read out series. That finally prompted us to make a move. This week we came out from under the exclusive window and now have all seven books available via Amazon, Kobo, Nook, and iBooks.Our first offering, The Circle Gathers, is still a dirt cheap 99 cents and book two, The Questing Beast is a too good to pass up $2.99. The remaining five can be had for $3.99 each. We even have a box set of the first five installments.Book eight, Hammer of Darkness, is being released next week and work continues on the remaining four books in the cycle.I remain tremendously proud of the work we’ve done and so far the reviews for all seven books have been near unanimous in their praise. If you’ve been curious, now is an excellent time to dive in.

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