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As you know, my Captain America novel has been out a week. I haven’t heard any feedback yet but I wanted to have this available to those curious to the various shout outs, references, and details. I had fun mining the Marvel mythos for people, places, and events. Hopefully, it makes for a better read as a result, but you’ll have to tell me.Your feedback here, Amazon, or Goodreads, will be really appreciated.FlashbackSgt. Mike Duffy has been putting up with Steve Rogers since Captain America Comics #1 (March 1941). Created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, Duffy has made 87 appearances and apparently died around 2010, having survived World War II.General Chester Phillips was also present when the super-soldier serum transformed Steve Rogers in 1941.Operation Torch (formerly Operation Gymnast) and Operation Goalpost were a part of America’s first action during World War II so it made sense Cap would be there.The reference to the Human Torch acknowledges Marvel’s first super-hero, introduced in Marvel Mystery Comics #1 in 1939.Chapter OneThe Congressional Delegation is a tip of the baseball cap to my beloved New York Mets. All four congressmen were named after key pitchers: Al Jackson, Bobby Ojeda, Pedro Martinez, and of course Tom Seaver.The two aides are named after two of my pals at Owings Mills High School: Christopher Gallo and Gabriel Lewin. Like Ojeda, I swapped genders, turning Gabe into Gabby.Symkaria was first introduced in Amazing Spider-Man #265 (June 1985) as was its protector, Silver Sablinova, a.k.a. Silver Sable.Prime Minister Artem Tartaryn was an invention to fill the gap after PM Klaus Limka was killed by Sabertooth in Amazing Spider-Man #322.King Stefan was first introduced in Silver Sable and the Wild Pack #24 (May 1994). The references to Sable being aided by Cap and Spider-Man references the “Ends of the Earth” storyline which ran in Amazing Spider-Man #682-687, written by Dan Slott.Toys for Tots is name checked here given Cap was an Avenger promoting the charity back in the 1960s as seen in numerous house ads.Scattershot was first seen in Darkhawk #16 (June 1992) along with the other members of Peristrike Force: Psi-Wolf, Siberion, and Volga Belle.S.H.I.E.L.D. was introduced in Strange Tales #135 (1966).Report Harper Simmons was introduced in Uncanny X-Force #10 (July 2011).Reporter Melissa Singer is named after my old friend, and excellent editor at Tor Books, Melissa Ann Singer.Reporter Brenda Swanson was introduced in Iron Fist: The Living Weapon #1 (June 2014).Sokovia was first introduced in Avengers: Age of Ultron and then retrofitted to the Marvel Universe, possibly combining previous Eastern European countries.February 19, 1943This was an actual battle where I inserted Cap. Historians note it as America’s first significant defeat during World War II.Young Allies, Bucky’s team with Toro and other non-powered kids, was first introduced in Young Allies #1 (Summer 1941).“It true you really punched out Hitler?” Added to wink at the famous cover of Captain America #1, which introduced Cap to the world. The cover was also worked into Cap’s stage performance in Captain America The First Avenger. In 2017, it also became a popular meme where Hitler was substituted with President Trump.Chapter TwoSlorenia was introduced in Force Works #4 (1994).Ultron was created by Hank Pym as revealed in Avengers #54 (July 1968). The 18th iteration, which nearly destroyed the country, was seen in Avengers Vol. 3 #19-22 by Kurt Busiek and George Pérez. Kurt first suggested to me that I use the country.Helicarrier Crescent was first named in Secret Empire #1 while its commander, Farrell Phillips, dates back to Strange Tales #137 (October 1965).Sharon Carter met Steve Rogers as the attractive and deadly Agent 13 in Tales of Suspense #75 (March 1966).The Hereward Corporation was first mentioned in Avengers: Endless Wartime #1 (December 2013.Bloodwraith, the former Sean Dolan, was Dane Whitman’s squire as seen in Black Knight Vol 2 #2  (July 1990).September 11, 1943The sequence of events in Italy is accurate. After setting this scene at Quirinale Palace, Deb, Kate, and I went to Italy. As luck would have it, the one afternoon we were free from the tour, it was a national holiday and the palace was closed.Master Man (Wilhelm Lohmer) was created by Roy Thomas and arrived in Giant-Size Invaders #1 (June 1975). He fought against T’Challa’s father in Black Panther/Captain America: Flags of Our Fathers #4 while he was coerced to marry Warrior Woman in Invaders #20. His modern day resurrection occurred in Namor the Sub-Mariner #10. He died, saving Cable’s life in Cable #51.Baron Wolfgang von Strucker tormented allies throughout World War II, starting with Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #5 (January 1964).We first glimpsed Wakanda in Fantastic Four #52 (July 1966), where we also learned about Vibranium (first in Daredevil #13 [February 1966], then FF #53).Chapter ThreeTransia was first seen in Avengers #31 (August 1966) but wasn’t named until Thor #133 later that year. It has one of the richest and complex histories starting with Wundergore Mountain, which arrived in Thor #134 (October 1966) [note: this was my very first Marvel comic] along with its most famous inhabitant, the High Evolutionary. We met his New Men an issue earlier.The Marvel version of Camelot’s Morgan Le Fay arrived in Black Knight #1 (May 1955)The Darkhold has a history crossing time and space, related at first to Robert E. Howard’s Hyperborean Age but in Marvel continuity it first was seen in Marvel Spotlight #4 (June 1972) and was firmly connected to the Jack Russel, Werewolf by Night, continuity via Uncanny X-Men Annual in 1988. Which is also where we learned about the Drews acquiring part of the land.Chthon, who created the Darkhoid, didn’t arrive until later, in Marvel Chillers #1 (October 1975).Puppet Master may have debuted in Fantastic Four #8, but his connection to this land didn’t occur until Avengers #185 (thank you, John Byrne).Counter Earth, one time home to Warlock as well as the New Men, arrived in Marvel Premiere #1 (April 1972).Axl Nacht/ Gotteskrieger, along with Axis Mundi, arrived during a revival of Master Man as seen in Namor the Sub-Mariner #11 (February 1991).Black Widow came to America from the USSR to undermine Iron Man as seen in Tales of Suspense #52 (April 1964).Chapter FourThe Red Room Academy, a part of the Black Widow Ops Program, was first seen in Black Widow Vol 3 #4 (February 2005).The Widow’s first American ally and later lover, Clint Barton, joined her in attacking Iron Man in Tales of Suspense #57 (September 1964)Norah Winters, Front Line’s intrepid reporter, began filing stories in Amazing Spider-Man #575 (December 2008).Fall 1944Nick Fury and his Howling Commandos were created; legend has it, when Stan Lee told publisher Martin Goodman that even the worst title would sell given their early 1960s success. To prove it, he and Jack Kirby came up with Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos in 1963.Project Lazarus was first mentioned in The Defenders #126 (December 1983).Dr. Nikolaus Geist turned up in Wolverine Vol 2 #17 (November 1989) and was reportedly killed in Captain America: Hail Hydra #5 (July 2011).Phineas Horton created the Human Torch way back in Marvel Mystery Comics #1.The always Alberia was the site of the Iron Man-Titanium Man battle back in Tales of Suspense #69 (September 1965).Chapter FiveBaroness Blood is dimly connected to the more famous Baron Blood thanks to Jacob Cromwell being coerced to doing Dracula’s bidding as seen in Union Jack #1 (December 1998).Criminal Peter Petruski operated as the poorly named Paste-Pot Pete beginning in Strange Tales #104 (January 1963) before switching to the more palatable Trapster.Bucky was revealed to be the Winter Soldier during Ed Brubaker’s amazing run as seen in Captain America Vol 5 #1 (January 2005).Prime Minister Nina Sergeevna Krilova is named after the poor character from FX’s brilliant series, The Americans. She had such a rough life and career that I thought she deserved better here.There have been several Porcupines, the first arriving to fight Ant-Man in Tales to Astonish #48 (October 1963).Chapter SixCarnelia was first introduced in Iron Man #117 (December 1978). The country and its capital of Pershyy Misto, was introduced in Thunderbolts #11 (1998). After Nikolas Kitsenko succeeded Prime Minister Maurus Vasilyev, he was plagued by problems.The criminals masquerading as the heroic Thunderbolts came from the clever mind of Kurt Busiek in Thunderbolts #1 (April 1997).The S.H.I.E.L.D. Hoverflier made its first appearance, in of all places, Godzilla #6 (January 1978).Industrialist Justin Hammer, who hijacked Iron Man’s armor, forcing the hero to kill the Carnelian ambassador, was introduced in Iron Man #120 (March 1979)The severely mocked Red Flag was first seen in Venom License to Kill #1 (June 1997).Tribekistan was interfered with by ULTIMATUM based on events that began in Avengers Annual (1999).November 1944“Another death ray” refers to the first time Zemo used a death ray, only to be thwarted by Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #8 (July 1964).Zemo killed Citizen V as seen in Avengers / Invaders #10 (June 2009).Peggy Carter, Cap’s first true love, was first glimpsed in Tales of Suspense #75 (March 1966) and finally met Cap two issues later.Arnim Zola was Jack Kirby’s last significant addition to Cap’s mythos as seen in Captain America #208 (April 1977).Chapter SevenMaria Hill was given to us by Brian Michael Bendis in New Avengers #4 (April 2005).Russia’s team of super-agents, the Winter Guard, formed in Iron Man Vol 3 #9 (October 1998).Chapter EightNo annotations.April 18, 1945Baron Blood, Master Man, Warrior Woman, U-Man, Scarlet Scarab, and even the Teutonic Knight were all, at one time or another, enemies of the Invaders as seen in the 1970s series and subsequent revivals.Chapter NineSin-Cong is a landlocked Asian country where the Avengers took on the Communist leader known as the Commissar as seen in Avengers #18 (July 1965).Sergei Yesenofsky, Doctor Yes, and his Deathbringer 8000 was beaten by Squirrel Girl in The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #7. Doreen first met readers in Marvel Super-Heroes Vol 2 #8 (December 1991).Chapter TenAnastasia Kravinoff made her presence known first in Amazing Spider-Man #565 (September 2008). She was exposed to one of the Terrigen clouds blanketing the Earth in All-New Inhumans #10, where her Inhuman ancestry was revealed as she sprouted her tentacles.The undersea race known as the Lemurians debuted in Sub-Mariner #10 (February 1969).Locomotive Breath, Laslo Magzel, briefly appeared in the Marvel Universe, introduced in War Machine #12 (March 1995) and killed two issues later.

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