Announcing my Next Project: The JLA’s 100 Greatest Moments

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You can’t buy it yet, nor is there a final cover, but over at Amazon, my next project has been posted. The title they have is The 100 Greatest Moments From The Justice League, which has since been modified to Justice League: The 100 Greatest Moments. It’s a 304-page hardcover from Chartwell Books, showing a May 29, 2018 on sale date. There’s no price, but for those keeping score, it carries this ISBN: 978-0785836148.I was recommended by DC Comics to Chartwell back in July but we didn’t really get things rolling until August. They had done well with Roy Thomas’ trilogy of The War Years books featuring Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman so wanted some more. They had this idea about greatest moments and once we hashed out particulars, I tuned to various fan pages at Facebook as well as a handful of friends who have either written or worked on the JLA titles through the years. As a result, coming up with the 100 moments proved fairly easy.Rereading old stories and sifting through the various incarnations was tremendous fun.Sourcing the visuals was more of a challenge. We wound up limited to the number of titles we could pull images from so our choices had to be tightly focused while still celebrating the team’s nearly sixty-year history. I also had to write the introductory chapters, trying to explain parallel realities and line-wide reboots in clear enough prose for the more casual reader.Thankfully, I had long-time friend and researcher John Wells to backstop me and the manuscript got wrapped in October. Once DC, Chartwell, and I finalized the 80 or so sources, I had to go back into the moments and identify covers, pages, and panels to represent them. This past week, I did a final pass, going so far as to suggest how many pages each section and moment should receive. It is now in the hands of the designer, a woman I have worked with previously so we’ve had many conversations about the approach and sifted through potential cover images.Next for me will be writing captions for each moment once I see the pages which should make for a busy January considering this thing is coming out in May.And yes, one could safely conclude from Chartwell’s previous release, I may be involved in more down the road, which is very cool.Here’s the Amazon description (which I know needs a tweak or two):In the hands of dozens of writers and artists, DC Comics Justice League of America (JLA) has experienced moments that can be intensely personal or of great cosmic importance. The comic’s ability to shift in tone has always kept the team interesting and reflects the changing tastes among the readers and the times when each moment occurred.  The Justice League, the team also known as the World’s Greatest Super-Heroes, have flowered and foundered, seen their ranks swell and shrink, and risen and fallen in sales popularity, but remaining a fixture in pop cultures for decades.What you will see on the pages that follow are one hundred of the greatest moments, each one a piece of the mosaic that is the Justice League. From their first rallying issue in the 1930s, to the League finally reaching the big screen in the 2017 feature film Justice League, the members and their stories has remained entertaining for readers and watchers.The selections of iconic comic moments to come were not chosen in a vacuum.  Moments chosen consist of nominations from various Facebook fan groups as well as former JLA scribes Mark Waid, Kurt Busiek, J.M. DeMatteis, Bob Rozakis, Gerry Conway, Marv Wolfman and former DC editors Michael Eury and KC Carlson.  Ace researcher and comics historian John Wells and current JLA editor Brian Cunningham also offered input on the most contemporary selections.

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