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I have not planned to let so long pass without writing here.As usual, life gets in the way. Deb recently described me as having two jobs and I really never saw my freelance as a second job. While teaching, I always see it as a way to stay creatively engaged, stretching muscles I wouldn’t be otherwise using.The last month-plus has been particularly challenging as I struggle to maximize every spare moment since the two book projects have overlapped. Over the last two weeks, I have intermittently been working on 100 Greatest Moments: DC Comics Super-Heroines but constantly putting it aside to address issues with 100 Greatest Moments: Justice League. Given that the JL book is due out in a few months, it has to take priority but I was trained to make deadlines so feel the pressure to keep the other book moving.Grading? Planning? Yeah, those demand attention, too. Every now and then, other short things pop up, grabbing me by the throat and want their moment, too. For example, although I submitted and essay to an anthology in September, I just got the edits back so had to put it aside until the most immediate matters got addressed.And let’s not forget my obligations to the HOA Board.So, yeah, it’s been a pressure cooker 2018 so far. However, after being away from the desk the last two weekends, this weekend has allowed me to really focus and I am beginning to feel the weight lift a bit.The priority, of course, remains the day job. Thankfully, I like to work ahead and during grading lulls, managed to complete planning out both courses through the end of the Third Quarter in mid-March. Each day’s lesson will require some tweaking based on where we are, but at least I know what to do. The sophomores are well into The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and the juniors, after a few delays, are finally digging into Frankenstein. With a third of them away on a religious retreat last week, I filled the time with Young Frankenstein, which thankfully still holds up and made them laugh.While all of the above leaves me tired and drained more often than not, it also makes me feel fulfilled, which counts for a lot.

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