Five Years in Maryland

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On April 2, we noted the fifth anniversary of actually becoming homeowners in Maryland. However, today is the anniversary of moving in and truly living here.It’s largely been a successful transition. We still miss friends and family in Connecticut and the tristate area. We’ve noted how this distances us from Deb’s family in New Hampshire and miss that. We certainly miss the pizza.But, we like being nearly equidistant to Baltimore and Washington, taking advantage of that to go and do and see. We’re seeing more local theater here than we ever did in Connecticut despite two fine theaters close enough to our Fairfield home. We’re going to more concerts, too. A lot of it has to do with not needing to fight traffic on 95 or the Merritt Parkway. On the one hand, I talk about missing the density of Connecticut, where our dining and shopping options were so much richer in a two-mile radius than the five to ten mile radius here. Then I think about the traffic.Deb certainly loves being 25 minutes from BWI considering how often she’s jetting around the country.We’ve slowly been making local friends, thanks largely to the Empty Nester’s Club and walking Ginger where invariably run across neighbors. Deb’s knitting group has also been a wonderful source of friends.The area is building up around us, and there are newer and better restaurants in the community which helps a lot.Our townhouse is to our liking (mostly) and we’re already talking about further alterations we’d like to make.I can’t quite to commit to saying this feels like home, but that’s matching five years against the previous twenty so there’s still time.

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  1. Bob, I work at APL now, right across the street from Maple Lawn. Once the school year is over, we should have lunch one day at Ananda or La Palapa Too. Would love to talk comics and baseball with you.

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