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Ginger died a few minutes ago. Losing a pet never gets any easier. In fact, this time it was harder because she was my pet.I first spied her in January 2009 as I was still processing the loss of Robbie. She was a rescue, found under a porch without tags. She needed to be socialized and Fairfield’s assistant town attorney worked with her until it was time to bring her out and find a sucker, er, taker.We needed one another, I think.She easily got on with Dixie, who had been abandoned by Dakota ten months earlier and our home was once again full of dogs. Ginger was a mixed breed, a sixteen-pound lap dog that no two vets could agree on the various components.Initially, she was still skittish around people until she grew to adore them, while she merely tolerated other dogs, some more than others. In time, she was playful, friendly, and even those who didn’t tolerate dogs came to love Ginger. (Bob and Laurie Rozakis once took her for a few days while we were away and they never have pets!)When we relocated to Maryland, walking Ginger and Dixie was our entrée to meeting other people. The dogs would sniff one another, we’d chat with their owners, and suddenly we had friends in the neighborhood. Dixie slowed down, got sick, and eventually left us but we still had Ginger.Nothing pleased me more than coming home from school and seeing a happy Ginger, tail wagging, framed by the backdoor. She was loving and lovable and kept us both company each night after dinner, scooching from one side of the couch to the other.We knew she had a heart murmur and later discovered it was a leaky valve that could not be repaired. Her heart grew larger until it started pressing against her esophagus, giving her the occasional rasping cough. We began her on medicines (most of which she tried to avoid swallowing) and hoped for the best.In March, she had a doggie EKG and were told things were progressing so we had, maybe 12-18 months. Instead, it was four. This past week she slowed down and on Wednesday had no appetite. The vet looked her over and we began discussing quality of life so the end was nigh.She had a restless night and was breathing quite hard this morning so we scheduled to bring her to the vet this afternoon. Instead, she made it to our bed and quietly left us.I was an emotional mess, which I never expected to be with a pet considering pets were not a part of my life until I married. She was a terrific companion, especially when Deb traveled. And now the house will feel really empty, the first time in 30 years there are no children or pets to roam the halls.

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18 thoughts on “Ginger has Left Us

  1. My sincerest condolences, Bob, as one who has had to bury and mourn far too many four-legged best buddies! (And while I realize that it’s probably way too soon, there are many thousands of wonderful dogs desperately seeking human homes and companionship.)

  2. So sorry to hear. Pets fill our hearts, and leave such a huge hole when they depart. My sympathy to you both 💔❤️

  3. Deepest sympathies, Bob. I’ve known this sorrow and it is true and deep. I hope that you will be able to heal enough to find another companion. If you need a “fur fix”, you are always welcome to visit with my Cassia and Rory. Love to you and Deb.

  4. I had the same experience with Mandy, my rescue. Letting her leave my live, after just losing my boy Kim was devastating so I know how you feel. You gave Ginger a wonderful life and filled her days and minutes with a ton of love. Nothing will replace that missing your pal feeling, but let her love fill your heart. She will always be with you, never doubt that.

  5. Scott & I send our love to you as you process this vast change. It is so wonderful your adoption of Ginger gave her such a fine quality of life for so long. We cannot remove all ailments from the lives of our dear pets. Sometimes living through these events gives us a glimpse of the vastness of love.

  6. I am so very sorry to hear of Ginger’s passing. I know she loved you with ever fiber of her being. You gave her a great life. I hope another dog in need finds you soon.

  7. I’m so sorry Bob. With Maggie gone to her 8 week summer job in NH, it’s Paisley, our rescue 9.3 Ib Yorkie mix, who is helping us cope with the quiet of empty nesting. We are greatful. She gives us a routine. We need her more than she needs us, I’m afraid. #Namaste.

  8. All too often, dogs find somewhere to hide so they can die alone. It appears that Ginger wanted to share her last moments of life with you in your bed, and to be with you as long as she possibly could.

  9. Hugs and heartfelt sympathies from one who knows your pain only too well. We had our Maine coon Rosita leave us pretty much the same way; I took her home from seeing our vet expecting to have to help her die the next day, but she died lying near me as I slept on the sofa. I hope you can find another furry friend soon.

  10. My heart brakes for you, Bob. Ginger will always be with you…in spirit. Give it some time but go find another rescue who will help mend your heart and carry on where Ginger left off. ❤️

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