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When Robbie was sick, I sat with him and poured myself into work. This week, as my friends left town and Ginger began to fail, I also focused on work. It’s a useful coping mechanism.As a result, I managed to complete a few projects, clearing the decks for the moment.One was an interesting ghostwriting assignment as I came behind one ghostwriter to add a certain voice to the project. We’ll see what the editor and publisher think.The other is the manuscript to 100 Greatest Moments; DC Comics Super-Villains, which may not be out until 2019 but I wanted to tackle while off from school. This either came together a little more easily, because I knew the moments better or had two previous books to practice on. As usual, John Wells kept me honest with the facts. There are a few moments have yet to select art for, awaiting forthcoming issues of Superman and Justice League to have the best choices.So, what to do with the rest of my time off? It’s back to ReDeus as I dust off and revise the outline for the first long-form story, probably going from a novel to a novella but still tackling the events in the wake of volume three. That’ll be fun.There still remain a few pieces including an article for RetroFan and the latest round of intros for Eagelmoss’ Star Trek graphic novel collection but for a change, I’m not chasing a lot of projects, trying to be a little more realistic with my time. Of course, I always hope for opportunities to drop in my lap.

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