10 Years Gone

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On the one hand, it’s hard to fathom that a decade has slid by since Robbie left us. On the other, we feel every one of those days.His peers are now 30, many married, all well established in their careers. Life has gone on for them, as it should. We’re left with the “what ifs” and the void.Time has certainly deadened the incredible sense of loss, but it also continues to bubble up at the most unexpected of times. A song, a storyline, a chance cultural reference and one or both of us are put into a funk.Holidays and other family gatherings remain challenging. At my birthday dinner last month, he should have been there. I keep thinking he would have loved this outing or that event.I initially objected to how much of his things were being packed away, but with some distance, I see we had to. Each of us has mementos in our offices and we keep pictures of him in other rooms so he’s never far from sight.But still…On my own, I find I dwell on those seven months, especially the final days rather than the twenty years of far more pleasant memories. Human nature, I suppose.But still…


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  1. We feel it too Bob…..when we drive by your house especially….we cherish photos and fun memories…..thinking of you, Deb and Kate today especially.

  2. I too find it hard to believe a whole decade has gone by since this tragic loss. My own mother died of cancer 23 years ago this month, and I can tell you the pain never goes away completely. All we can do is try to give each other strength and remember the good times. Much love and hugs to you and yours, and a belated happy birthday.

  3. There are three days a year that I get emotional besides my daughters birthday and they all are memories of Robbie and I always do the what ifs and then realize hes here with me every day.

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