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One reason I have come to love living in Maryland is because each year I get to attend the Baltimore Comic-Con, a large, wonderful show about comic books. I don’t book a table so I can wander freely and visit with old friends wherever they may scattered around the convention center.I’ve become a regular and my Westfield Comics editor, Roger Ash, handles their programming and has been steadily using me as a moderator. We love brainstorming ideas and then crafting just the right lineup. I will admit that every now and then, I conceive of a panel just to guarantee I can spend time with some of the busiest people attending the show. I am equally flattered when someone requests me to moderate their discussions.For whatever reason, this show is busier than other years so I will be a blur, dashing from room to room. Here’s where you can find me and what I’ll be talking about.FRIDAYFrom Superboy to Section Zero— 25 years of Tom Grummett and Karl Kesel Comics – 4-5 p.m., Room 343-344The creators have been collaborating for a quarter of a century and moderator Robert Greenberger takes them tripping down memory lane to explore the highlights and examine what makes a successful partnership.SATURDAYKatrina Law -11-12:00 p.m., BallroomKatrina Law has brought to life some of the strongest and complex female characters on screen today, from Spartacus to Arrow.Team Building – 12:15-1:15 p.m., room 345-346What makes a successful team of heroes and/or villains? Is it a set of skills and powers or diverse personalities who look good in spandex? John Ostrander (Suicide Squad),  Mark Waid (Legion, Champions), Ron Marz (Skullkickers, CrossGenesis), and Denny O’Neil (Justice League of America) chat with moderator Robert Greenberger about the challenges of writing a team comic.Shazam! – 1:30-2:30, room 343-344The Power of Shazam: The World’s Mightiest Mortal is finally getting some overdue respect with a feature film out next March. Some of his comic book practitioners — Jerry Ordway and Kevin Maguire, Jeff Parker, and Denny O’Neil – talk with moderator Robert Greenberger about the challenges of keeping Captain Marvel true to his roots in an ever-changing market.Kickstarter – 5-6:00 p.m., Room 339-342Crowdsourcing has become a legitimate way of ensuring creators can make a living while producing cool comics for their audiences.  Thom Zahler, Tim Truman, Steve Conley, and Paul Storrie tell moderator Robert Greenberger about the trials and tribulations of mounting a successful campaign.Sunday Erin Gray – 11:15-12:15 p.m., room 339-342You remember her as Wilma Deering from NBC’s Buck Rogers, but there is so much more to this actress and business owner. We’ll be exploring it all.The Art of Editing – 12:15-1:15, room 345-346It used to be the Editor was the God of comics, but over the years, the role has shifted from content director to circus ringmaster to nurturer of talent. Some of the most respected editors for DC Comics and Marvel Comics — Stuart Moore, Tom Peyer, Louise Simonson, and Peter Tomasi talk with moderator Robert Greenberger about the secret art of getting a comic out every thirty days.Tony Isabella Spotlight – 1:30-2:30, room 347-348The creator of Black Lightning has had a full career at Marvel Comics, DC Comics, and small presses, dabbling in prose, and hosting some of the coolest garage sales in America. The special guest chats about his career with moderator, and old pal, Robert Greenberger

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