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Back in late November, I received a call from my publisher atChartwell Books. Apparently, sales have been so strong, and the reviews so superlative,on the first three 100 Greatest Momentsbooks, they negotiated a deal with DC Comics for three more books. She wantedto know if I was interested in writing them.

What do you think?

The first would be out in the fall, the following two will followin 2020. Anyone who checks my Facebook page will note I recently switched thebanner to reflect the various Batman logos so I was tipping my hand.

Yes, I will be writing Batman:100 Greatest Moments, out this fall. She warned me I needed to have thelist of 100 moments by January 15 and the manuscript by April 1. At least Iknew how I would be spending my winter break from school. Of course, I jumpedon the lost quickly while, at the same time, thought about how a character-specificbook should be organized. I pitched a few approaches and while my publisher andI liked one, DC picked another and we made it work.

Choosing the 100 moments was a bit of a challenge because notevery great story has a specific great moment. After beginning to draft mylist, I went to various social media groups for feedback and of course, Batman #251 came up as an example. Thiswas the Denny O’Neil/Neal Adams Joker story that returned the villain to hismurderous roots. But it’s got great Joker moments, a fine (but not spectacular)death trap, but is there a great Batman moment? To me, there was, but not involvingthe Joker.

So, there was a lot of thought and consideration that wentinto the book. DC kept telling me Bane breaking Batman’s back had to be there,but I pointed out that was Bane’s great moment. Batman’s was in Detective #701, when he finally got topummel Bane in revenge.

Anyway, once the list was debated and modified for approval,I got to writing and completed the first draft in record time. My aceresearcher and good friend John Wells is busily double-checking my facts (healready caught one big error) and I will beat the deadline, which is good sinceI have some personal obligations in March that rob me of writing time.

Once I have art to show off, I’ll be back.

Meantime, DC Comics Super-Villains: 100 Greatest Moments is on press and scheduled for release on May 14.

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