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Writers accept assignments and agree to deadlines and then it is entirely up to the publisher what happens next. As a result, three different jobs, written at three entirely different times, arrive today for your reading pleasure.


I began writing Flash: 100 Greatest Moments during the summer of 2019 with the book scheduled for a Father’s Day 2020 release. I had spent the spring researching the moments, selecting images, and doing all the prep work but then I wrote it over June and July. Covid-19 wreaked havoc with the supply chains, printers included, so I got bumped a season, and finally, it is here.


Last fall, I believe, I was invited to pitch to ATB Publishing’s Outside In Trusts No One. While I have never watched The X-Files, I leaped at the chance to write about Carl Kolchak. I was fortunate enough to nab The Night Strangler, which gave me a chance to recount a favorite high school memory.

Children of Tomorrowq.jpgChildren of Tomorrowq.jpg

And as I have written here before, in March I was asked to complete Paul Antony Jones’ This Alien Earth trilogy and that 80,700-word speed effort, Children of Tomorrow is now an eBook with other formats to follow. To celebrate the launch, the first volume, The Path Between Worlds, is now a freebie at Kindle.

It is not uncommon for an author to have two works out the same day but three is quite a rare occurrence. Should you happen to read any (or all) or these, please let me know your thoughts

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