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There hasn’t been a whole lot of posting going on the last two months because the website has been undergoing a massive renovation. A while back, I hired a pal to redo the website and we moved from WordPress to SquareSpace.

While SquareSpace offered a nice, clean design, it proved to have more limitations than I was comfortable with. My designer was also bogged down with other commitments so months were passing without feeling like the pages were ever finalized.

Late last year, we parted ways but stayed friends, and I turned to someone who was more experienced at web design. Steve Cafarelli has proven knowledgeable, nimble, and patient with me. We kept a few things and went with a totally new look and feel. I hope you like it.

The one casualty was my inability to port over all my books so I am rebuilding that section over the next few weeks. One thing I will be adding, given the lack of conventions, is a button for books where I have copies to autograph and sell, complete with PayPal links. That should help with inventory issues and satisfy those who may want something but won’t be at a con with me any time soon.

I’ll be blogging more regularly in the coming weeks, too, which will be nice. I’ve missed you. Additionally, there is finally a working contact link.

So, let me know what you think of our new design.

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