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Four (Blank) of the Apocalypse cover art by JK Woodward

I find myself so overwhelmed with school work and home projects that having time for personal writing comes infrequently at best.

Which is not to say I have not been productive. What’s weird is, I have all sorts of irons in the fire, projects that should all show up in 2022 so it’ll feel like a flood of stories.

But first, the sad news. Just as I was preparing to begin the new school year, I was informed that the sixth and final 100 Greatest Moments book has been canceled, a victim of Covid-19 depressing sales of The Flash volume and supply chain issues hitting publishing. I had moments picked for two different options since 2020 and was just awaiting the thumbs up to clean them up and get to work.

So, first up, there’s a short story for the successfully Kickstarted The Four (Blank) of the Apocalypse, a fun project from editors Keith R.A. DeCandido and Wrenn Simms. The story was submitted in 2020 and I await editorial notes.

Similarly, I await editorial notes from System Paradoxa for their Cryptid Crate, with the finished book coming next year.

In the waning days of summer, I wrote a fun little story for the recently announced Crazy 8 Press anthology, Buried Tales, edited by Peter and Kathleen David. This book was inspired by the 2003 winter storm trapping fans and guests at the Farpoint Convention. I also await their feedback.

Meet some of the Phenomenons coming in early 2022

The other C8 story, for Mike Friedman’s The Phenomenons, is edited and in production, debuting in early 2022.

I’m also brainstorming an entirely new and different C8 project with a subset of the inmates and that’ll be something to write in early 2022. And yes, in the back of my brain, I am plotting how to best execute Thrilling Adventure Yarns 2022.

There’s a short story for a project that was conceived back in 2019 and is only now up and running. I wrote the story and got a thumbs up from the beta reader, only to have it ripped to shreds by the editor and his consultants. It’s a thorough drubbing and, I admit, mostly deserved on my part. But, I am stealing time here and there to hopefully salvage it and still be in the collection.

The one short story I wrote and received approval on is for a project I have been told will be announced in January. I’m really happy with this one and look forward to talking about it.

I’ve been invited to contribute to a forthcoming themed anthology that will be Kickstarting in early 2022 and while I have an approved premise, I await funding before getting started.

The novel I wrote this past summer is being revised by the project’s creator and I was told I would see the final draft around Thanksgiving. By then, I was supposed to see his notes on the second volume’s outline, which should give me a green light to begin this, hopefully, around Christmas break.

I’ve also got an article completed about the old NBC series Search for a forthcoming issue of RetroFan.

On the editorial front, my last project for Dynamite, The Art of Luis Garcia, has been delayed time and again, but is now slated for release the first week of December. I’ve also been asked to edit a friend’s novel, which should be coming soon.

So, coming soon will be four (hopefully five) short stories, two books, and assorted odds and ends. And yet, I really look forward to summer break when I want to tackle an original work, something for myself. Ideas keep swirling around the hindbrain so we’ll see what develops.

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