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Deb and I haven’t managed to attend a WorldCon since Millennium PhilCon in 2000. We were, therefore, very excited to see Washington, D.C. win the 2021 bid to host. I was disappointed when Covid-19 forced DisCon III to relocate from August (right before school started), to this coming week, as the Winter Break beckons. We’ll both be missing Wednesday’s festivities and I will be there only late Thursday. We’ll both be around Friday-Sunday.

As it happens, Mark Waid sent me a copy of the just released The History of Science Fiction: A graphic Novel Adventure, and in reading it, I began making a list of the Golden Age authors I never read and can now go shopping for some of their works.

Here’s my schedule for public appearances.

December 16

Plot a More Fantastic Four Movie 7:00 pm EST

There have been 4 attempts to make a Fantastic Four movie (so far). They were all bad. The attendees of DisCon III can do better. Let’s plot, storyboard, and cast the perfect Fantastic Four movie.

Bob Greenberger, Keith DeCandido, Sumiko Saulson, Tenaya Anue, Jennifer Rhorer (Moderator)

December 17

Kaffeeklatsch With Bob Greenberger 5:30 pm EST, Suite 325 Dining Room

Small group discussion with author, editor, and educator Bob Greenberger. Advance sign-up recommended. Signup sheets will be at the Info Desk starting 12-24 hours before the Kaffeeklatsch begins.

Incorporating Genre Fiction in the Classroom 8:30 pm EST

Can speculative fiction be used to teach history, science, politics, and other subjects? Outside of literature classes, there are many different ways to incorporate speculative fiction ideas to engage students in the classroom. What are the best ways to do this? What are some pitfalls?

Dana L. Little, Hirotaka Osawa, Leigha McReynolds, Sandy Manning, Bob Greenberger (Moderator)

December 18

Signing at the SFWA table in the dealer’s room from 10:00 – 10:50. I will not have things for sale; hopefully, the vendors will.

I know the pandemic is keeping many of my peers and friends away. I hope to see some of you there.

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