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Robbie would turn 34 today. That’s a solid adult’s age, one inching towards middle age, long past being a kid.

His friends thrive, many married, several with kids, and all with interesting careers. Those who have named children after Robbie report his spirit lives within each of them, which is some comfort.

There really isn’t much new to say here. We miss him terribly, think of him daily. I just can’t let myself let today pass without publicly acknowledging the birthday.

I do appreciate the kind thoughts and comments that come this time of year. Thank you.


6 thoughts on “34

  1. My best to you. I now better understand these posts, and I thank you for your courage and the inspiration you are to me.

  2. I know that today is hard for you, Bob, a parent’s loss of their child is probably one of the most difficult to experience. But your memories of Robbie will allow him to live in your hearts forever and that shows in the courage you have to imagine what his life would be like with every passing birthday. I offer my prayers for you and your family. And for Robbie too.

  3. A month and a day younger than my younger son. I remember Deb comparing notes with me as our kids were teens, cheering each other on. I just wish I’d gotten to meet him, but I have at least a little bit through you two. Happy Birthday up there, Robbie.

  4. I remember helping you and Robbie bring stuff into the hotel from your car at Shore Leave. Was impressed by the young man.

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