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I have been thinking about the blog often, missing composing my thoughts to share, but it always falls to the bottom of the pile. It’s not that there’s nothing to say; I’ve certainly been busy wrapping the school year, writing the sequel to Above the Ground, and launching the campaign for Thrilling Adventure Yarns 2022.

But, as I face turning 64 in a week or so, time has been weighing heavily on my mind. When I agreed to write Above the Ground with Matt Medney, I don’t think I fully understood how much time those would take from books I wanted to write for myself.

The fact that time travel plays a huge role in the first third of the book I am writing certainly has kept the subject firmly in my mind.

Increasingly, I am making decisions on things to watch, buy, or read based on whether or not I have the time for it. Things I might have put on my TBR a decade ago now are passed over. Projects I may have tossed my hat into the ring for I decide the time is better saved for other things.

This was all brought home to me when the theme cropped up on Kristine Kathryn Rusch’s recent Business Musing: How Writers Fail (Part 4): Aging Writer Edition. No kidding myself anymore, I am an aging writer so I have concluded I need to be chooser over assignments offered to me (not that people are beating down my door). I need to better juggle my school obligations along with my writing/editing work, and still carve out time for myself.

I’ve been in this frame of mind since last year, at least, and this summer has helped crystalize the need to better prioritize personal projects over other attractive opportunities. There remain unfinished outlines for books and my dream book continues to elude me.

There’s one more contracted book, the final part of Above the Ground, and after that, I will be largely focusing on really working on my stuff. I still want to get better as a writer and think I can accomplish that. I want to take my, ahem, time with a book of my own and try to make it the best thing I’ve done. See if I can shake off bad habits and journalist-trained adherence to deadlines and schedules, but devote myself more to craft. A nice goal, we’ll see what happens.

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