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When the website was redesigned, we included the functionality for me to sell autographed copies of my books. Until this weekend, I never executed that because I needed to organize and complete an inventory.

With that now completed, I call attention to my extensive booklist which features fiction and nonfiction for all ages.

Quite a few of these titles are no longer in print so you may not be able to easily find these elsewhere. And unless I am invited, I tend not to attend cons with my various titles for sale.

At present, I am set up only to receive PayPal payments and if you’re interested in more than one title, we can talk multi-copy discounts. If you don’t do PayPal, contact me with you titles you’re interested in acquiring.

I’ll be honest, I need to clear space so the faster I move these out, the more room there will be for the next releases. I promise I won’t flog this too often, but I should stress that now that fall is upon us, Christmas shopping isn’t far behind.

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