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Anyone who knows me is aware I like to keep busy. That said, the last month and a half or so has kept me exceptionally active (and, and just when I thought I’d be coming up for air, I find myself getting even busier in the coming months (and I thought it was busy to begin with). It’s all good stuff, well, mostly, but there’s very little writing or editing in the mix, and that makes me sad.

Freshman Film Night was the only one of three activities my team conceived of and managed to execute. People enjoyed themselves even if few actually watched the movie.

As you know, I am the Freshman Class moderator, and being our newest students, they are still finding their way as members of the school community. Their enthusiasm outstrips their ability actually to execute plans. We had agreed to a film night but then had to move the date when they came back to me with movies to vote on. Once I got their list, and a new date, I put the film up for a vote, tossing in some older classics I thought they might actually want to sample. Silly me. The winning vote-getter was Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. I admire their desire to go beyond the normal pizza for dinner, but once we priced out other options, our president finally called it for pizza. The Parent Guild put the call out for snacks, and I wrangled some parents to chaperone. It was a fine night.

The one downside was that despite telling parents to pick up their kids at 9, the last parent drove up at 9:43 without an apology. Oh well…

Two weeks later, we worked together to select players four our Third Quarter Class Competition, and once again, enthusiasm deafened them to instructions. We did not perform anywhere near as well as I had hoped.

My returning emcess, and two of my favorite students.

I also run our school’s Coffeehouse, styled after the beatnik era spoken word and acoustic folk nights, it’s evolved here as more of a talent show. I took it over a few years back, and I am delighted to find out how talented some of our quietest students can be. We held auditions and then a full run-through March 10. We’ve been training students on the sound and light boards and they have grown nicely into their roles. With the help of a student stage manager, and all of us on headsets, we got into a nice rhythm. The actual show, two Friday nights, ago, was a success. Over 140 people crammed into the cafeteria to watch and it was revelatory. I was particularly pleased to have several freshmen in the mix since a particularly talented senior class took their final bows.

The following morning, I was back at school, helping to greet the newly accepted freshmen for the Class of 2027.

A few hundred pakcages and multiple trips to the post office later, it’s all done.

When not at school, I have been steadily signing, labeling, and packing the comps to Thrilling Adventure Yarns 2022, with the last handful going out the other day. Whew. Now to tally the bills and see if this project made any money or not.

What’s ahead? It starts with seeing Bruce Springsteen in Washington tonight and paying for the late night the rest of the week.

I need to take a professional development course in April and May to qualify for recertification as an educator while prepping the finals and closing out the 2022-23 academic year. Thankfully, the final units don’t need to be built from scratch.

At least I managed to put off my Jury Duty summons, rescheduling that for July.

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