2023 is Already a Packed Year

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As the amusing Billy de Wolfe once said, “Busy, busy, busy.”

Yesterday, I had the privilege of being a judge for our annual Shakespeare Monologue Competition. I’ve taught them all (well okay, not Mr. Lancaster) and it was a treat to see them perform.

As 2023 dawned, I set out a goal to post at least once a week and nearly missed it on week four. Somehow, the calendar has been jammed with obligations—for school, for freelance, for home—and there’s just so much going on.

At school, January saw the first semester end, followed by mid-terms, and then we went right into the second semester. That’s all fine. But, atop that, my Freshmen leaders suddenly woke up and want to do some class activities. It looks like we’ll cram three of those into the next two months.

Additionally, my big event, the Coffeehouse, is gearing up so I had to set audition schedules, print and hang flyers, and begin all the details so the March event is a smooth one.

And tomorrow, I will be part of a team interviewing eighth graders to help make final admission determinations.

This is me and Shea, my great niece, just shy of six weeks old.

Meantime, at home, Deb and I were away for three straight weekends, which was fine but meant a lot of time away from home and from my desk. First, we went to NYC with friends to see Death of Salesman, with strong performances from the cast. Then we met up with our dear friends Bob and Laurie, using the Museum of New Jersey as the meet up target, but really it was just to see one another (although the performers at the winery we stumbled across were really good). Finally, we took a quick trip to New Hampshire to meet our great niece Shea.

We’re around this weekend and then it’s off to Farpoint (more on that next week).

Of course, my freelance obligations wait for no man and that meant a few weeknights at the desk. While I love my home office, I find that after teaching all day, trying to sustain more energy into the evening is problematic. Still, I’ve written, conducted some interviews, and accomplished other matters.

I think 2023 began to fill up as early as last summer and it keeps filling.

The thing is, when friends reach out to get together, we look at the calendar and blanch. There are increasingly fewer weekend nights free for socializing so impromptu is no longer in my vocabulary. Each and every activity we’re involved with is great on its own, but collectively it can feel overwhelming.

As Deb has reminded me on more than one occasion, I am not able to bounce back as quickly any more and need to factor that into my future commitments. With something potentially huge coming this fall, I am being reminded of this again and again.

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