Robbie at 35

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Today, Robbie would have turned 35. A substantive number. His friends are married, raising families of their own. His favorite nurses have all moved on with their careers and lives.

For numerous reasons, such as recently losing our dog Albert and other medical issues scattered throughout the family, I am feeling his loss more acutely than normal.

I continue to wonder about the man who would have become, the career and mate he would have chosen. The live he would have led. No doubt, whatever I imagine would be trumped by things I never would have considered and that’s fine. Life’s surprises are not always bad ones.

I miss the kid.


One thought on “Robbie at 35

  1. I still consider him part of the trio and often wonder how he would fit in with the other two (Stephen and Julie). Stephen still can’t talk about him because he misses him so much. He thought of by all. Hugs and prayers sent yours and Deb’s way. ☹️❤️🤗

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