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My summer break is about ten weeks long, more like nine as I spend the last few days before reporting getting things underway (I’m wired like that). As a result, I try and pack as much as I can into this time, topped by writing and reading.

The plan, as it had been for the past two summers, was to write a novel and little else. Life had other ideas.

Sand and Secrets

I wrote this novella for System Paradoxa in summer 2021 as a part of the Cryptid Crate program. As circumstances turned out, it wasn’t edited and returned to me for revisions until Mid-May as I was preoccupied with closing out the academic year.

So, as the school year wound down, I reread the manuscript and made my revisions. Just about all the notes made perfect sense to me, and the final, revised version is much stronger, especially for our protagonist.

Faster than I imagined, the galleys arrived for my proofreading and I intend on finishing that before Monday. The crate is scheduled for shipping in October and I am under embargo from discussing which cryptid, but once I saw its name on the list of available critters, I leapt at it.

Above the Ground 2

As you may recall, I am cowriting this trilogy with Matthew Medney, former CEO of Heavy Metal. The first book is out, with digital arriving on schedule last November and the trade paperback available in January.

I did spend last summer writing and delivering the manuscript, but Matt was preoccupied with his transition from HM to a solo career with tons of irons in the fire. This meant he didn’t get me the manuscript with his notes until early May.

Once the cryptid was dealt with, I focused on refreshing myself on what I wrote and what changes Matt felt the story needed. Thankfully, it was nothing daunting, and rereading it has prepped me to take our one-page outline for book three and blow it up into a chapter-by-chapter outline so I can begin writing in earnest.

Urban Comics

I have happily continued to write intros and supplemental text pieces for Urban Comics, the French comics publisher. In the last week or so, I have written pieces for Batman Chronicles 1989 Vol. 1 and Superman Chronicles 1988 Vol. 1.

The fun thing for me is that I was there and provide context for some of the behind-the-scenes activities. These books were unqiue in that 1989 was the Year of the Bat, so I putting the film and second round of Batmania in context with the comics, which were just coming off the Death in the Family event. Superman, of course, was celebrating his 50th so there was a lot going on around the second eyar of the John Byrne/Marv Wolfman era.

Everything Else

This week our HOA had its annual meeting, and yours truly, not up for election, wound up being named President of the Board of Directors. In that role, I spent Wednesday night attending a hearing as Howard County plans its future and we had some thoughts about how their plans impacted our community.

On Monday, I will be chaperoning a ten-day trip to Germany. It’ll be me, three other faculty, sixteen students, and a few assorted parents and grandparents. Among the students are some of the ones I get along very well with, so this should be a pleasure.

No sooner do I return than I report for Jury Duty, but being the first week of July, I get to skip the fourth and hope it doesn’t impact my life too much. Long-time readers may recall, I’ve done this before.

And as that week ends, it’s Shore Leave! My favorite con and a chance to reunite with authors from across the country so I am very much looking forward to this.

There are, of course, movies to see. I caught The Flash yesterday and have thoughts for another post once more of you see it. Then there’s Indiana Jones and Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part 1. Additionally, Deb and I have tickets for some cool local theater, so we’re definitely getting a variety of culture.

So, yeah, it’s another overly-stuffed summer of activity. But really, one of the parts I like best is sitting with Deb over coffee and the Washington Post before the day really gets underway. Peaceful.

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  1. Everybody in my family got a jury duty summons this year. My daughter and I were required to do it (you have to log in for a week to see if you need to report). My son did have to report and, during voir dire, he told the attorneys that his dad taught criminal law. They excused him immediately.

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