15 Years

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Fifteen years ago this evening, our world grew smaller.

Fifteen is a substantial chunk of time and has been weighing on me as the anniversary date of Robbie’s death approached. All the opportunities missed.

Others in our world have died from leukemia; others have miraculously received bone marrow transfusions and survived. I begrudge them nothing, but I admit to some jealousy.

We think of him daily and, of course, watch a movie, attend a con or ballgame, have a family get-together, and think, “He would have loved this.”

We miss our boy.


9 thoughts on “15 Years

  1. Always remember that he is watching over you and is with you every moment.
    Sending you hugs & kisses my dear old friend ❤️

  2. Well my Mom’s birthday is Aug 14 and we had a night of remembrance that evening. She has been gone 16 years. I thought I would miss her less as time went on but that has not been true.
    So sorry for the early departure of your son. I am CERTAIN his spirit is still with you, at the ballgames and the bars. Hoping your memories will fill your aching heart.

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