Where’s Above the Ground 2?

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By now, we should be talking about Above the Ground 2. After all, I wrote it during the summer of 2022, which was due in late 2023.

So, what happened?

My co-writer, Matthew Medney, separated from Heavy Metal as 2023 opened, and he spent the last year working on various projects as a writer and creator. Still, in the background, he was also building his new company, Gungnir Books, a title I love given its Norse mythology connection.

Above the Ground 2 was a locked manuscript in mid-2023 but was being held as the rights reverted from Aethon Books to the new company. And finally, with some fanfare, the site went live this week, with coverage across the internet.

Matthew tells me that a new edition of Above the Ground will debut in August, with the second book coming out about a year from now, followed by book three. He is currently at work on his half of the final installment.

I wish I had new covers to show or other exciting news, but since some of you have asked where the next book was, I finally have an answer.

New publishing ventures are always a roll of the dice. They will succeed because there’s enough capital in the bank to get them off the ground, or their product mix meets consumer demand, or a title takes off, putting the company on the map. Others flounder for any number of reasons. I like Gungnir’s mix of graphic novels and prose, all in the worlds of the fantastic, so I can only hope it falls into the former category of successes.

Stay tuned.

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