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I like working at my desk. And this week at home reminded me how much I enjoy working at the desk, listening to WUMB stream over the Internet, and occasionally enjoying Ginger’s warmth on my lap. Of course, this has been a nice break from the routine so it could be a case of the grass being greener.I caught up, which added to my feeling of general wellbeing. I had the time to focus on the requisite aspects of my student teaching. I reworked the binder containing all the elements of my Macbeth unit plan thanks to the input from my advisor. I then invested portions of three days completing my ePortfolio, once again incorporating notes from my advisor.The rest of the time was catching up on e-mails, assorted paperwork and oh yeah, writing. I managed some work on After Earth and completed a short story begun two years ago. Longtime readers may recall that Aaron Rosenberg, Steven Savile and I tried to raise money through Kickstarter to fund the creation of a website for a property we created called ReDeus. We were among the 54% to fail to raise the goal. Every now and then, we three circle back to it and try to get it up and running. We think we may have a home for it and it now needs stories. Aaron’s written one and I am delighted to have finally completed this. It’s about 8000 words and introduces one of the world’s key players and I await my partners’ feedback.And returning favors, I also did some beta reading for people plus some consulting on a forthcoming entry in the Latchkeys series over at Crazy 8 Press. I even caught up on my reviewing for ComicMix. Best of all, I got to see the graphics and write the captions for Star Trek: The Complete Unauthorized History  book. I then got to gaze at the first 65 pages or so of initial designs and was quite pleased.So yeah, it’s been a good, productive week allowing me to feel a little more on top of things.I return Monday for my final eight days of student teaching and that will include my fourth and final observation from my cooperating teacher and advisor (coming the same day, no pressure). After that, if I pass the program then I apply for certification and seek employment. I’ve applied for a handful of jobs and await calls for interviews. I continued to network and hope for the best.


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